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Is There Ever a Situation in Which a Person Should Hide his or her True Feelings?

In the practice of meditation, a person sits quietly and observes, without judgment, his or her thoughts and feelings. After many sessions, the meditator begins to realize the transitory or fleeting nature of thoughts and feelings. One day a person is agitated over the chirping of a bird on the porch; the next day, the [...]

Essay on “The Role of Intensive Screening in Airports”

The realization that terrorists have been devising new ways to bypass traditional screening procedures has significantly transformed the field of airport security. The use of nonmetallic explosives and crafty concealment of weapons has forced the Transportation Security Administration to implement the use of advanced screening procedures. These measures, which include full body scanners and pat [...]

Essay on “Advantages and Disadvantages Of Giving International Aid To Poor Countries”

International aid to poor countries can seem, at first glance, a fantastic idea carried out by a group of people/countries. However, it is important to take into consideration that this aid does not always serve the best purposes. There are many ways of helping a country: providing food supplies, helping to build new or better [...]

Essay on “Should School Athletes Have to Be on the Honor Roll to Play in Games?”

Asking student athletes to maintain honour-roll-level grades would be both impractical and unfair. Without question, academic achievement should be a requirement for students who wish to participate in sports, but using the honour roll as the academic standard is setting the bar too high. Students who are also athletes take on additional responsibility simply by [...]

Essay on “Television: Necessity or Privilege?”

Life without a TV? Sounds unheard of, especially since these days almost every household has a TV in the living room. However, what would you do if TV’s did not exist anymore? As scary as it may sound, there are plenty of things you can do in place of watching TV; I know what I [...]

Essay on “Should the Government Place a Tax on Junk Food and Fatty Snacks?”

As American waistlines continue to expand, the concept of a tax on junk food and fatty snacks is a hotly debated topic. There is certainly a precedent for taxing items that are blatantly not good for consumers. In many locations, cigarettes are taxed to the point of not being affordable, which achieves the goal of [...]

Essay on “Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms?”

Most schools across the globe have established their own way of wearing. All stakeholders have raised their arguments concerning the right dress code that ought to be adopted by each learning institution. Most schools ponder over what dress code to choose among so many alternatives. As for me, I support wearing of uniforms in schools [...]

Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

The “grading method” has long been utilized in various learning environments to assess the performance of students. Teachers have long held the responsibility and authority of giving grades to students that the concept of students “grading” their teachers seems like a strange phenomenon of role reversal, giving students a form of “authority”. Current learning and [...]

Are There Any Benefits of Attending a Single – Sex School?

There are benefits that can be associated with attending a single-sex school, though there are also a number of demerits. One of the advantages of attending such a school is that discipline is easier to manage as compared to mixed –sex schools. In single-sex schools you deal with a kind of discipline issues related to [...]

What Contemporary Problem Do You Find Most Disturbing?

The present society is facing several contemporary social problems among the youth. Most of the issues occur because of the changes in the technology that the world is experiencing now. In my opinion, the most contemporary problem that I find most disturbing is the increasing moral degradation among the youth. Moral degradation involves the erosion [...]