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A Modern Woman’s Introspection

Living in a superficial society, we as individuals refer to materialistic objects as reflections of our happiness. We resort to lavishness as an expression of our happiness rather than truly understanding the fundamentals of what constitutes a pleasurable life. If one emulates the philosophy of Epicurus, an informative guide that provides the basic fundamentals of happiness, one will find life blissful without the presence of materialistic objects. To truly experience a pleasurable life one should value the fundamentals of friendship, and freedom of thought and from society.

Imagine your beauty radiating of an advertisement in Vogue magazine. Light caramel skin so impeccable that it resembles the flesh of a new born. Eyebrows arched in geometric perfection. Short hair free of split-ends and dryness, and highlighted with a tint of brown. Full lips covered in cherry gloss, revealing a mouth full of straight, blindingly white teeth.

The modern woman can only reach a state of bliss when she accepts that society’s standardized notion of beauty will eliminate all of her grief and despair, thus, defining her happiness. It’s only natural that the modern woman strives to achieve physical perfection if she ever wishes to emancipate herself from the oppression and turmoil that restricts her from living in bliss. When attempting to sculpt her body into a masterpiece, Revlon Consumer Products, will assist the modern woman in accomplishing a blissful state of mind by providing the ultimate facial products necessary to attain the beautiful American image. Remember if you look good then you will feel good.

Modern society has a way of unconsciously formulating standards that affects the manner in which a person considers him of her self happy. In order for one to live a pleasurable life one must isolate themselves from society’s superficial nature, in return obtaining the independence to decide what truly makes one happy. By extracting yourself from the matrix you will cease to judge yourself and others on a material bias (deBotton, 58). You will have no reason to indulge in materialistic objects because without society’s “influence”, you will find pleasure in humbler things. It will no longer be of your interest to seek materialistic items to define your happiness because you are free from society’s mental restraints.

If a woman was to have a make-over and become this magnificent portrait of gorgeousness, but did not possess a single friend would she be happy? Contrary to Revlon’s theory, the answer is no. As Epicurus stated, “We don’t exist unless there is someone who can see us existing”. If no one is present to compliment or take notice of the woman’s appearance she would feel her attempts were in vain, and this would lead to feelings of being unappreciated and ultimately, anger. A woman can not base her happiness on the strength of her appearance because this dependency will lead to an obsession that will confine her to living in a delusional box. If the woman did possess true friends she wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place, because true friends would value and cherish her for who she is, regardless or her appearance.

Yes, the modern woman can find some joy in her attractiveness, but this beauty will have no importance in her life if she has no friends. If the woman separates herself from the traditional thinking of society, she will discover that she is a beautiful woman opposed to society’s pre-conceived vision of beauty. Following the two simple fundamentals of Epicurus’ philosophy, freedom and friendship, will garner an individual, especially the modern woman, more happiness than any material item could ever produce.