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A Walk Through the Park Essay

Walking through the park gives you a relaxing feeling. At the park, there are many things you can see and do.

While arriving at the park, there are many things to see. The first things you see are trees and flowers, children and parents, swing sets and slides. As you begin to take your walk, the sound of children laughing and playing arouse your curiosity of what they are doing. You notice that the majority of the children are playing hide-and-go-seek. A few of the children are playing on the merry go round. When they get off, they are stumbling from dizziness. The children are laughing and pointing at one another when they fall.

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Teenagers are meeting at the park to roller blade and to skateboard. Every teenager is being careful not to fall and hurt himself or herself, so they use safety helmets and kneepads. At this point of your walk, you notice families having reunions with their relatives. You can hear their laughter and voices filled with happiness. The smell of barbecue hamburgers and hotdogs begin to fill the air. Moreover, there are families grilling chicken, eating potato salad, and devouring baked beans.

Noticeably, the trees are beginning to turn colors of red, orange, and yellow; the colors of autumn. As the wind blows, the colors of the leaves blend together into a beautiful portrait that God painted for us. As your attention shifts toward the sky, you see Blue Jays and Cardinals flying overhead. The birds are desperately searching for food to feed their young. The sound of the birds chirp makes you think of a song that you heard at church the previous Sunday, and you begin to sing it aloud.

You begin to see many different types of flowers with various colors. The flowers’ colors consist of red, blue, green, purple, and pink. Looking closer, you see butterflies with many different designs on their wings and it reminds you of a kaleidoscope.

The park is a very interesting place to go and see many different things. The park can be a place to go and relax, a place to go and play, or a place to go and thank God for everything He has made for us. I suggest that everyone take advantage of being able to attend the park for little or no cost at all. The park is a perfect place to go for any age, and everyone can have a good time.