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Are There Any Benefits of Attending a Single – Sex School?

There are benefits that can be associated with attending a single-sex school, though there are also a number of demerits. One of the advantages of attending such a school is that discipline is easier to manage as compared to mixed –sex schools. In single-sex schools you deal with a kind of discipline issues related to a particular sex only. A school with both girls and boys will pose a greater discipline challenge due to mixed temperaments and inclinations. It is therefore most likely that those who attend a single-sex school will be highly disciplined.

Second, in single-sex schools there is limited exposure to negative and indecent association with members of the opposite sex. Possible free and uncontrolled interaction in mixed sex schools may negatively influence the moral standards of naive learners. This may translate to a society with compromised moral standards and behavior. This could be checked to a great extent in a single–sex school because their interaction is limited to when they are out of the school.

Third, attending a single-sex school gives the learners a chance of full personal development in their respective gender lines. They get to learn from each other leading to growth in mutual character and social responsibilities .The learning environment enables them to grow together. This is especially so because they are able to express themselves freely without fear of being ridiculed by those from the opposite sex. In a mixed-sex, school they may shy off from their opposite sex colleagues and hence live in pretence .This hinders full personal development that results from mutual association.

Fourth, in a single-sex school, the learners also have a chance of learning their respective responsibilities in the society. The learning institution becomes a grooming ground where people with related social and domestic expectations and responsibilities live. Besides, the institution’s policies could also be tailor-made to inculcate the values of that particular sex. As such there are benefits to attending a single-sex school.