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Black Ice on the Road of Life

It is amazing what life can do to you. Some people have their life all planned out, from what they are going to wear the next morning to where they are going to be working ten years from now. It is amazing how well planned out some people have their lives. However, in any situation there is a chance for the unexpected to happen. If or when it does, even the best made plans must sometimes be reviewed and revised or completely scrapped and planned anew from a different point of view which takes into mind the circumstances.
I had my life all planned out by the time I was 12. I did not think that anything would change my course or “put a bump” smack dab in the middle of my road of life. I found out that you have to be flexible. Very flexible in fact.

Just four short years after I had my “life map” down on paper, my mother needed to have serious surgery on her back to correct a two decade old injury. I had to drop out of high school in my junior year to stay at home and take care of her since my father had to work full time. That certainly was not part of plan. I planned to graduate in the top 5% of my class and get a scholarship to college to study agribusiness. However, I had to take my mother’s health into consideration. So I did home schooling to get my diploma. I figured that after her recovery, in a year at most, I would go back to high school, graduate and persue my plan to go to college.

Yet again, my life road took another unexpected turn. I met up with a very good friend I had not seen since 1987. We became close again, then started dating. I intended to go back to school for the final semester of my senior year right before my eighteenth birthday. Needless to say, it didn’t happen. I hit a good patch of “black ice.” For those of you who don’t know what black ice is, black ice happens when the snow melts or there is freezing rain, and the ice is so crystal clear that the asphalt shows right through and you cannot even see the ice patch until it is too late to do anything and you are out of control of the situation.

I started to neglect my studies, spend all my time with this guy, and the sad fact is that my parents encouraged it. They really liked him, and still do. I am now married to him. I got married on the day I should have started my college career.

I am now 22, have been married for four years and have a beautiful daughter and an adorable son. I am glad that I got my diploma through home schooling.

I am also glad that I was able to change my life’s plan to accommodate the patches of black ice that my “car” hit that sent me off into a totally direction than the one I was headed down already. I am glad my life turned out the way it did.

With real black ice, the only thing you can do is to steer into the spin or skid your car unexpectedly takes, and handle the bumps and bruises which might someday mark and extraordinary experience. That is also the only way to handle the black ice on the road of life. The lesson I am trying to impart is this: Don’t always try to escape the unexpected. It might be just what you were looking for along.