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Essay on A Civilized Jungle

Man is ,in a sense, a domesticated beast. Much in the same way that a master trains a dog, society and civilization have tamed and trained man. Societies filled with mores,legal reprecusions, and socail contracts have somewhat subdued man’s wild nature.Usually man acts as a “good pet” who does not stray too far from society’s [...]

School Importance Essay

School programs are very important in every students school life. Certain things come from school programs including chances of getting opportunities that others don’t often receive. I feel that being given this opportunity will enhance my social skills and give me a chance to be a positive role model for my peers.          I have [...]

Hardest Class Essay

Government was the hardest class I have ever taken. There are many reasons why it was so difficult. The reasons include: a noise problem, impossible homework assignments, and big projects. I passed that class with a ‘D,’ and I was happy with it. Usually I would be pretty upset if I got that grade in [...]

Hidden power structure

Secrets are secrets only if known by a few people. It’s not true if that a secret is know by all too then be a secret at all. In Robin Lakoff’s essay “The Grooves of Academe” she discusses the secret knowledge that isn’t explained to most college students. Such things as what it takes to [...]

Gothic and Grotesque

Nothing is creepier than a gripping horror story, however today’s horror genre is filled with axe-wielding maniacs wanting to literally paint the town red. Two stories that probably would not come to mind when thinking of good “wholesome” horror are Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.” Although neither of these works [...]

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