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Essay on “Advantages and Disadvantages Of Giving International Aid To Poor Countries”

International aid to poor countries can seem, at first glance, a fantastic idea carried out by a group of people/countries. However, it is important to take into consideration that this aid does not always serve the best purposes.

There are many ways of helping a country: providing food supplies, helping to build new or better infrastructures, ensuring financial support, or even by offering military aid. All these aids can have a deep impact on a country’s development, helping to provide the necessary political/economic stability thus facilitating the access not only to the basic needs (food, health care system), but also to other important needs such as education. Ideally, these developments would consequently diminish the existing differences of opportunities, putting us one step closer to a global change (culturally and economically).

Aid in Japan

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, and we face on a daily basis the cases of corruption, or military aid that instead of condemning the atrocities perpetrated by many dictatorships, helps them as a way of gaining political, economic or any other kind of power over the country supposedly being helped. These situations, in their turn, develop a profound feeling of mistrust among the ones who help, as they feel that their initiatives are not reaching the intended targets, and the ones being helped, who lose their hopes concerning a possible solution to their problems.

Throwing the towel is not an option. It is an undeniable fact that negative impacts do exist but almost all the bravest battles, the most impressive changes begin with an eagerness to accomplish goals, despite the obstacles or the lack of means to achieve them. All it takes is a dream and the determination necessary to pursue that dream against all odds. I truly believe that, regardless of all the negative impacts, even if we only manage to build one house, ease the way into the faintest of the smiles, it is always worth the fight.