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Essay on A Civilized Jungle

Man is ,in a sense, a domesticated beast. Much in the same way that a master trains a dog, society and civilization have tamed and trained man. Societies filled with mores,legal reprecusions, and socail contracts have somewhat subdued man’s wild nature.Usually man acts as a “good pet” who does not stray too far from society’s acceptable moral codes, but occasionally man’s true nature is put on display.

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Man is heralded, by man, as keeper of the world, whether because of religious doctrine, a sense of responsibility, or feelings of superiority man usually feels entitled to this role.As these keepers of the world man has created “order” with laws and social codes. It is when man is given ambigouis or lax restrictions concerning moral conduct that his true savage nature has the opportunity to rear its ugly head.

Cetain undesirable human characteristics such as unbriddled ambition and greed find their roots within man’s predatory nature. And when placed in an enviorment lacking cogent moral restictions, this predatory nature takes hold of the individual. This aspect of human nature has been clearly illustrated in both life and art. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies,is a great example of this. When left on an island to fend for themselves, a group of young boys turn into savages. Without the lack of constraint society provides, greed, murder, and cruelty run rampant.What should be innocent childern murder another child and vie for power.

The Lord of the Flies is one of many classic novels that examines the effects of the absence of social and legal constraints. Without the positive sanctions offered by a society for positive behavior, and the legal consequences in exchange for immoral behavior, total chaos ensues. The benevolent nature of man becomes virtually non-existant.