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Essay on “Should School Athletes Have to Be on the Honor Roll to Play in Games?”

Asking student athletes to maintain honour-roll-level grades would be both impractical and unfair. Without question, academic achievement should be a requirement for students who wish to participate in sports, but using the honour roll as the academic standard is setting the bar too high.

Students who are also athletes take on additional responsibility simply by signing up to play for a team at their school. Moreover, student athletes also spend extra time after school on the practice field. Students who do not participate in sports can use all of their free time, should they so choose, to concentrate on their studies, which gives them an academic advantage. Thus they should be able to attain higher marks than athletes. Demanding that student athletes perform on the field, and maintain honor-roll-level grades is asking too much.

Students who choose to participate in sports also represent the school in a way that non-athletes do not. By wearing a uniform with the school’s name on it, athletes are volunteer representatives for their academic institutions. Schools like to broadcast athletic achievements, which comes at a cost. Disallowing students from participating in sports because they failed to achieve the highest academic standard would be unfair to the athletes who already represent the school in a public arena.

While achieving academic success should be expected of student athletes, making the honour roll the benchmark sets the standard too high. Students who participate in sports take on more responsibilities than their non-athlete classmates, as well as become a somewhat public face for their school. Asking student athletes to maintain good grades is understandable; asking them to play sports and be on the honour roll is asking too much.