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Essay On Which Of The Four Seasons Of The Year Appeals To You The Most?

My favorite season definitely has to be autumn. After a scorching hot summer, as is the case where I live year in, year out, autumn brings a refreshing change of environment. Light showers or sometimes even a good strong thunderstorm refresh the parched landscape and the air acquires that curious smell of moist earth which indicates that the heat is ebbing away.

Autumn also brings with it a renewed sense of activity with the academic year starting in most schools, which instills a sense of nostalgia in those of us who remember their younger years with a tinge of melancholic delight. The time is also perfect for walks in the country, perhaps in the late afternoon when the sound of church bells and the general atmosphere blends in so well with the landscape that starts to turn yellow again. As October turns to November, it does get slightly cooler and one can leave behind the lethargic heat of summer where inspiration is so remote and delve into some interesting projects before winter begins its inexorable approach.

Lately, autumn does seem to come slightly later than usual due to the climate change and other atmospheric phenomena, but still the end of September is always a rewarding time for me personally. Being a music lover, I also have a soft spot for Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘Autumn’ concerto which is a part of the ‘Four seasons’ and which is, perhaps, the work that is most overlooked and underappreciated from this quartet. Autumn is definitely my favorite season and I always recharge my batteries when it comes along. It is quite close too, so I am looking forward to it with anticipation.