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Essay on “Television: Necessity or Privilege?”

Life without a TV? Sounds unheard of, especially since these days almost every household has a TV in the living room. However, what would you do if TV’s did not exist anymore? As scary as it may sound, there are plenty of things you can do in place of watching TV; I know what I would do. You can go to the gym, do some sort of other physical activity, hang out with friends, or pick up a new hobby. There are plenty of things to do, you just have to get up from the couch and see what they are.

Going to the gym or doing some sort of physical activity is a great replacement for television. All what TV does is showing us those skinny people who we wished we looked like, so maybe we should turn it off and actually do something that will make us look and feel good? TV shows us the perfect models and then the delicious looking food; it is not really helping us in any way except for making us want to eat the food it advertises. Getting away from television also gives us more time to hang out with friends. TV can trigger all kinds of emotions, and they may not all be positive ones; however, fun time with friends ensures a good time. Picking up a hobby can also replace the time spent watching TV. Pick up a book or a paint brush and try something new. You should reach out of your boundaries.

These are just a few suggestions; there are plenty of things to do besides sitting on the couch and watching TV. Doing your homework on time would also be a nice replacement, or maybe cooking a dinner instead of microwaving it. TV is a nice distraction when you need it, but it is not a necessity to our lives.