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Hardest Class Essay

Government was the hardest class I have ever taken. There are many reasons why it was so difficult. The reasons include: a noise problem, impossible homework assignments, and big projects. I passed that class with a ‘D,’ and I was happy with it. Usually I would be pretty upset if I got that grade in any other ordinary class, but this wasn’t an ordinary class. I am very glad that I got it over with when I did.

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For starters, it was very hard just to stay focused in that brouhaha they called a classroom. First of all, the students in my class were 90% class clowns. They would talk throughout the whole hour and made it so that the other people couldn’t learn. In addition, the teacher had a quiet, laid-back voice, which didn’t help. If I didn’t pay close attention to what the teacher said the whole hour, I would miss something important. Listening closely was practically impossible with the whole class talking the whole hour. Also, the teacher must not have believed in yelling or getting after her kids because she would just keep talking through the others’ voices. Her theory was that she said things once and that’s it. To try and fix this I switched seats with one of the clowns from back to front, thinking I would be able to hear the teacher better. This helped a little but it was still difficult.

The second reason this class was hard were assignments called “current events” due every week. This is where we had to find a newspaper article and explain it to the class. These articles had to go along with what we were learning that week. We had to go in front of the class and expound it to everyone. This was hard to do, putting aside the fact that we had to dodge spit wads and paper airplanes; we had to talk about it for 5 minutes without reading it word-for-word. If we weren’t up at the podium for at least 5 minutes or didn’t explain it thoroughly enough we would get an ‘F.’ The teacher being strict about current events made it even harder.

Another hurdle were the tests and how often we took them. We would have two tests every week. Somehow the teacher would find a way to make a 50-question test out of just 2 days of learning. Sometimes I could swear that we didn’t learn half of the stuff on the tests. That was one of the reasons why the tests were so puzzling. There would be essay questions on every test, too. Our teacher was a former English teacher so if our essays weren’t perfect then she would take off major points, and the essays were worth the most points. As a result, I would usually get a bad grade if not fail the tests. I would basically have to rely on my homework to pass the class.

An additional hard part about government in my eyes was memorizing the constitution. First, we had to write all of the amendments down. Then we had to take that home and memorize all of them in 1 week. It was hard for me to memorize 6 let alone all 27. When the time came we had a test over it. There wasn’t one person in the class who passed that test. In addition, it was on the final exam too. That was a very difficult and frustrating part in government.

Lastly, the teacher assigned us to do a government video. The good thing about this was that we could do it in groups. We had to pick our own groups, and they had to be anywhere from 3 people to 6 people. My group had 6 people in it. The teacher informed us that this video was worth almost as much as our mid-term exam was. This got everybody to do it and most people took it pretty seriously. Then she gave us a paper that noted all of the information that had to be on the video. I remember looking at the paper and my jaw dropped right away. There was so much information needed for this video. I knew that if we didn’t have every little bit then we would be marked down a lot. We had to tell about famous people, famous memorials, places, flags, structures and much more. Worst of all, we only had 2 weeks to complete it. So our group used the whole 2 weeks we had and made it as good as we could. We ended up getting a c- on it.

Finally, the class ended. I was very worried that I had failed the class and was going to have to take it over again next year. When I found out my grade was a ‘D’ I was very relieved. I didn’t have to worry about the annoying noise, difficult homework, and important projects anymore. I was so thankful that I wouldn’t have to retake the hardest class I have ever taken.