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The Importance of Human Resource Management in the Private Sector

dissertation writing help We shall look at various attempts to define the concept and examine the evolution of HRM over the years, from its early welfare orientated days, where the approach was traditionally one of control, moving on to what is now seen as a more strategic role in organisations. (Jarrar & Zairi 2002, p266). [...]

A Magical Place Essay

Walt Disney had a wonderful idea about how to create an ideal amusement park. His guests would arrive in his own magical world and forget about anything else. He quietly bought thousands of acres of orange groves in Central Florida and then constructed the ultimate amusement park Walt Disneyworld. Walt Disneyworld is a fantastic place [...]

Hidden power structure

Secrets are secrets only if known by a few people. It’s not true if that a secret is know by all too then be a secret at all. In Robin Lakoff’s essay “The Grooves of Academe” she discusses the secret knowledge that isn’t explained to most college students. Such things as what it takes to [...]

Columbus: Hero or Imposter

In her essay, “The Statue of Columbus should be removed from The Bahamas”, Sheanda Glinton argues that “Murder, cruelty, inhumanity, and a false legacy is what Columbus unleashed and as such his statue should be removed from the Bahamas.” Glinton also argue that Columbus did not discover the islands or the Bahamas; in fact they [...]

Old Pa

I suppose in everyone’s life there are those people we have met in our childhood, who stand out in our minds. Such is the person, lovingly known to me as “Old Pa”, who I think of, when I remember my childhood.          I grew up on the beaches of Florida, and my family was what [...]

Gothic and Grotesque

Nothing is creepier than a gripping horror story, however today’s horror genre is filled with axe-wielding maniacs wanting to literally paint the town red. Two stories that probably would not come to mind when thinking of good “wholesome” horror are Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.” Although neither of these works [...]


Like most people I know that an essay includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. But I also know more then just that, I know that essays are used to explain a process, fight for or against a certain idea or point, or to examine something. I also know what important pieces need to [...]

My Sophmore Year

This year, my Sophmore year was great. The most memorable positive accomplishment was definitely making it to States and going to Orlando with DECA. It was a great experience. I worked very hard in studying for the Travel and Tourism test, and I made it that far. It took hard work and dedication to study, [...]

James Nachtwey Biography

He has been a part of some of our countries’ defining moments and events since the 1960’s, and he’s still going strong today. There are few who have made the impact on their field of work that James Nachtwey has on photography, specifically war photos, but, then again, there are few people like James Nachtwey. [...]

Gun Control

The conflict over gun-control and handgun regulation in the United States has become increasingly controversial over the past few years. Well developed arguments from both sides have created a major controversy over the topic. The basis of any argument over the issue of gun-control lies primarily in the cause of violence in America, and possibly [...]