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End the Unnecessary and Immoral Testing

Unbeknownst to most people, behind the closed doors of stark white laboratories, innocent animals of all kinds endure some of the cruelest and harshest forms of torture imaginable. Just picture thousands of poor, helpless animals swabbed with burning chemicals in their eyes or onto their shaved skin. Visualize an animal desperately trying to escape from [...]

Black Ice on the Road of Life

It is amazing what life can do to you. Some people have their life all planned out, from what they are going to wear the next morning to where they are going to be working ten years from now. It is amazing how well planned out some people have their lives. However, in any situation [...]

A Modern Woman’s Introspection

Living in a superficial society, we as individuals refer to materialistic objects as reflections of our happiness. We resort to lavishness as an expression of our happiness rather than truly understanding the fundamentals of what constitutes a pleasurable life. If one emulates the philosophy of Epicurus, an informative guide that provides the basic fundamentals of [...]

A speech on chocolate

Sitting in the cafeteria with my not-so-good lunch, I look over to my right and see my friend eating his great lunch with a chocolate bar for his dessert. I ask myself if I should ask him for a piece or if I should try to find some money that would buy me a chocolate [...]

Queen Kat Carmel And St Jude get a life

The novel that I most enjoyed from the ‘Rites of Passage’ and that I have chosen for this task is ‘Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude, Get a life’, a touching book with numerous teenage issues. After reading this remarkably insightful book, the idea that I identified as a key issue was how all three [...]

The Bermuda Triangle essay

Ever since recorded history, there have been a series of unexplained losses of ships, aircraft and people in an area off the Southeastern Atlantic Coast of the United States. Roughly triangular in shape, this area also known as “Devils Triangle” falls between Bermuda, Miami and San Juan and has claimed thousands of lives and spawned [...]

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