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Queen Kat Carmel And St Jude get a life

The novel that I most enjoyed from the ‘Rites of Passage’ and that I have chosen for this task is ‘Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude, Get a life’, a touching book with numerous teenage issues. After reading this remarkably insightful book, the idea that I identified as a key issue was how all three girls were completely different in personality, but somehow in the end they managed to form an unlikely yet strong friendship.

The visual representation that I thought best metaphorically mirrored this issue was an electrical wire.

‘Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude, Get a life’ is about three totally different girls, Katerina, a smart, beautiful girl who comes from a wealthy family, Jude a fiery young woman and Carmel, a reserved musician, all embarking a year in the big city along with enduring and assisting each other through love, heartbreak, and family conflicts while shaping an unbreakable bond.

The differences in personality of the three girls, Katerina, Carmel and Jude is reflected in this electrical wire through the three smaller wires each with their own colour, that are found in side the main white wire. The smaller wires come across as being just the same wire yet each with a unique use also reflect how all three girls appear as three teenage girls yet have a different path in life.

The exterior main white wire is a suggestion of their friendship, strong and durable and how they are encased in their friendship through out the book like the smaller wires are in the white wire.

The representation of the electrical wire also outlines and reveals the relationship between the three girls. In the end, when the three girls came together, forgetting their differences, they were the best of friends, yet throughout the book, when they were paired, they weren’t close, like Katerina and Jude or sparks flew because of their distinction, like in the case of Carmel and Katerina.

This is similar to an electrical wire. When the three smaller wires come together, the wire is complete and can operate, yet when one of the smaller wires is absent, the wire is of no use or sometimes sparks literally fly.

The friendship in this tale plays a major role in the growth of each of the girls and their lives yet their differentiation and struggle to construct their friendship contributed to the end momentum. Comparatively, the smaller wires together form the main white wire yet with their differentiation of individual colour and use, assist in the end purpose.

‘Katerina, Carmel and Jude. Everything had converged, become somehow precious. It was the wonderful, fleeting sense that they were the only three people still alive in this beautiful, beautiful world.’