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School Importance Essay

School programs are very important in every students school life. Certain things come from school programs including chances of getting opportunities that others don’t often receive. I feel that being given this opportunity will enhance my social skills and give me a chance to be a positive role model for my peers.

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I have many great ideas in working towards a positive change in our school community. Some of my ideas I wish to put into work are fun raisers to assist in raising funds for special school programs, starting programs to enhance the students test scores, letting voice be hard on certain issues, and many other wonderful ideas I will bring to the table.

Many times, younger students are overlooked for their preceived lack of commitment and dedication to a program or project. I would bring an enthusiastic spirit and willingness to not only join, but enhance with the ideas I spoke of above. Support of the adult leaders of the program is key for the success of any program involving youth. Communication amongst the members and an openhanded approach to new ideas is also necessary.

In conclusion being apart of this organization will give me a chance to bring the student body and staff relationship closer. I will be a voice for my peers and work hard for the betterment of my school. This may assist me in choosing a career path. I will like to leave you with this quote “ it is not the quantity, but the quality” and I would personally like to thank you for your consideration.