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Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

The “grading method” has long been utilized in various learning environments to assess the performance of students. Teachers have long held the responsibility and authority of giving grades to students that the concept of students “grading” their teachers seems like a strange phenomenon of role reversal, giving students a form of “authority”.

Current learning and classroom methods in some countries encourage students to grade their teachers. This is part of the evaluation of the teacher’s performance, to determine the teacher’s effectiveness from the students’ points of view. This process can be very effective if managed really well. However, individuals can be subjective and reliant on recent experience when evaluating, or in this case, grading another individual, and this can be considered as a disadvantage of the whole process. This is not to say that it won’t be effective, though. I believe that the process of students grading their teachers, used with other methods of assessment, can help improve a teacher’s performance, as well as boost morale.

There are other issues to consider when allowing students to grade their teachers. For instance, what age should students be when they start grading their teachers? Very young students will definitely not understand the concept of grading. How about people suffering from mental health problems? Are they ineligible for grading teachers? Or should the process be restricted to the “normal” older student population?

Personally, I believe that students should be allowed to grade teachers. As a teacher myself, I encourage my students to evaluate my performance or give feedback, so I can improve my teaching. However, I think that it should also be used with other methods of evaluation. It should be a part of a bigger assessment process. Relying on this process alone can have negative effects and can be damaging to a teacher’s career rather than beneficial.