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The Struggle of an Essay

I struggle to write an essay of nothing. You have not given me a topic for this essay, therefore this is an essay of bullshit.

Furthermore, I choose not to submit an essay of previous work because, I do not wish you to have my essay as property of your own. I feel the only way you should claim an essay as property of this site is if you pay the essay writer per essay, and give full credit to the writer, or hire someone to write essays for you.

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You should not claim this to be a free site, for it is not a free site if I have to pay by my own essay, to read an essay, already posted on this site. I simply wanted a brief synopsis of Othello, for myself to read.

I could understand charging, if one was using this site as a “cliff notes”, or if one was using this as a site to get out of their own research to cheat in school. But, we are assuming that is not what this is for, so it is wrong to charge an essay for an essay, when you get to keep my essay and claim it as your own, while I do not get to keep your essay as my own.

You can accept me in your “membership only club” or you can deny me the right to read your essays that are posted, that is the beauty of having an internet site of your own, you can do with it what you please. I feel that you can shove it up your arse. There are plenty more sites like this, and again that is the beauty of the internet, you are not original.

So if someone takes the time to read this joke of an essay, I hope I wasted 15 minutes of your life, like you have wasted 15 minutes of mine with this petty “membership” deal, and i hope you got as irritated as I did.