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Value Essay

The hustle and bustle of everyday life gives us less and less time to think about ourselves. In order to use our time wisely, we must think about what is most important to us. Someone once told me, “You only have time for what you make time for.” This proves to be extremely true. One’s values determine what they “make” time for. My three key values are family, religion, and friends.

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There are a vast amount of important values out there, but I feel family is the most important. My family provides me with the love and care that I so desperately need. Older siblings also provide me with advice about growing up, parents, and so much more. Without my sister I would be completely lost. I rely on my family greatly and as I get older I realize that no matter what I will always need them and want them in my life.

Another valuable aspect of my life is religion. I have grown up around Hindu beliefs. Since I was little I remember my mom taking my sister and me to the temple. I remember the smell of incense and the visions of the ornate shrines. Growing up in that manner has made me value my religious beliefs greatly. Without God, I would not be here right now. It is very important to me to understand and practice my religion. Without it, I would have nothing at all.

The third most important value in my life is my friends. They are always there for me no matter what I am complaining or crying about that week. My friends are the softest tissue I could have ever found. Friends are the ones that can offer the most insignificant advice such as which shoes to wear with which dress or the most significant like which parent to live with. No matter the value of the problem, my friends are always there. No feat is too great for them. Through the laughter and through the tears, I know I can always count on my friends.