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What Contemporary Problem Do You Find Most Disturbing?

The present society is facing several contemporary social problems among the youth. Most of the issues occur because of the changes in the technology that the world is experiencing now. In my opinion, the most contemporary problem that I find most disturbing is the increasing moral degradation among the youth.

Moral degradation involves the erosion of social values among people in the society, especially the youth. Today’s youth, especially teenagers, have allowed themselves to fall victim of disgusting modes of dressing, which they copy from celebrities worldwide.

Technology has intensified access to pornographic literature and videos via the internet. Currently, more than 50% of teens in the United States of America have access to pornographic literature. This has triggered cases of premature sexual behaviour among the youth, which often leads to early pregnancies, abortions, or even acquisition of sexually transmitted diseases.

Moral degradation has also increased due to the lack of the Christian upbringing of children in the society today. Most parents in the present society do not instil Christian or religious values in their children. Young children grow without knowing what the society demands of them in terms of social values. The gap between parents and their children is so extremely big that parents are not aware of their children’s private lives. This allows the youth to indulge in several vices that put them in danger such as alcoholism or becoming gangsters.

There are ways in which the society can deal with this problem. For instance, the church is the primary institution that can have an impact on the vice. The church should preach and emphasize the importance of growing up as a youth, with positive moral values. The church should keep a strict stand on vices such as premarital sex, preaching total abstinence. Parents should also reduce the distance between them and their children, and support them in all spheres.